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Here's how Open Mic works:

*** At open mic....people arrive between 6:00-6:45pm to sign up for performance times (we take walkin's after 7pm, but many times we only have room for the people who have signed up in advance). The setup band for the night may be asked to arrive earlier. If you are a band, be sure to signup ahead of time
The music starts at 7pm...Each act can sign up for one set to start with....a set is 2 songs, not more than 10 min per set.
Let the signin person know if you want to play more than one set...then check back with the signup table to see if there will be time for a 2nd set (just depends on how many folks we have).
As for equipment....everything is there as far as the PA, CD & playing MP3's goes..you bring your instruments and any cords to plug them in with.  We prefer to have most instruments go direct into the system, We do have a house drum kit... usually whichever artist is playing the drums agrees to come early and set those up. The setup band generally also brings the Bass rig,  then anyone else who plays uses that setup...to save time.  If you have equipment that needs to be setup, be sure to communicate with Jan ahead of time, you will probably need to come a bit earlier.

Many people do bring accompaniment Tracks. We can accomodate mp3s on phones, bring your cord.

It is a fast moving night and we recommend that artists keep their setup simple and forget about using alot of add on pedals and such and there is no time for sound checks between acts.

*Please return to the audience after your set to support your fellow musicians.

All in all....quite alot of fun.  If your interested in the next Open Mic..be sure to let me know your coming, so we save a slot for YOU:-)
If you'd like to signup...Please Email me at  jano@cupojoy.com  I'll need your:
1) Name
2) Type of performance
3) Phone Number
Jan O.