232 S. Broadway St, Green Bay, Wi 54303

The Crossing - 3.18.11

The Crossing
In Concert at the Cup ‘O Joy
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Friday, March 18, 2011

The Crossing consistently provides a seamless show of Celtic–folk songs linked to a by strong audience connection. Over time, a devoted audience has grown and again gathered for The Crossing’s annual St. Patrick Day’s visit to the Cup ‘O Joy music venue. The capacity crowd was not disappointed!

The five piece band from Chicago shares a blend of Celtic acoustic folk showcasing well versed storytelling and extremely tight instrumentation. The combination of flutes, cello, violin, harp, and Celtic percussion accompanies vocals by all members sharing lead and harmony. Seasoned with stories of friends, family, and faith the songs were expertly performed showing the fruit of the band’s chemistry of over 20 years together.

A mix of old and new tunes comprised the evening’s entertainment. Old favorites
including “Standing Stones” and “Endurance” where mixed in with more recent offerings from their latest album Baile (Home). Among these were:

“The Stirrup Cup / March to the Wars” – crowd pleaser with great flow of lyrics to music

“The Foxy Sally Set” - pipe and violin instrumental capturing the heart of a Irish spring morning

“Roman Rule / The Otter’s Holt” – fictionalized story of the thief crucified with Christ and saved by Him, this song effortlessly floats a great, great story

“Requiem” – acoustic lead melody written to accompany words by Robert Louis Stevenson of a life lived fully, highlighted by the final lyrics ‘Home is the sailor, Home from the sea, And the hunter home from the hill’

Home / The Eagle’s Whistle – reminding the listener of the strong vocals and message of a Pete Seeger song, “Home” with its strong chorus and easy instrumentation puts us near the warm embers of home fires while perched on the hearth

Tribal Pipes – a rousing Irish jig if there ever was one

Among stories of faith, friends, and family the warmth of an evening shared again epitomizes a Crossing’s concert.



Scott S Mertens