232 S. Broadway St, Green Bay, Wi 54303

Taylor Sorenson

Taylor Sorensen
Cup O Joy Coffeehouse
Green Bay, WI
March 23, 2004
by Rob Snyder

Rocketown Records artist Taylor Sorenesen is playing several Midwest dates throughout March and April. The CCM video program 30-CC chatted with taylor during his Green bay stop. What follows are some exceprts from that interview.

30-CC: What can listeners expect from your first full-length CD "Overflow?"

Taylor: A lot about love, honestly, and I mean it in a pretty deep sense. I think there are things in our culture and really distorted it. I think its a push to the church to rediscover what that really is. The hope is to spur some people on and be active and do love. Love without actions is futile.

30-CC: You have an interesting tour sponsorship. Could you explain that to us?

Taylor: The coffee company that I've teamed up with is a fair trade organization. They're Pure Vida Coffee Company [and] their ministry is located in Costa Rica. They have community centers [with] computers [and nternet access]. They also have soccer teams [for children]. Pure Vida's profits go back into building these community centers while farmers get a fair price.

30-CC: Your first single "Love Somebody Else" has already hit number one on some CCM charts. Would you share with us the meaning of the song?

Taylor: It's really that, it's "do love." Don't dare tell God that you love Him until you love the least of these, its what Christ told us to do. I know I struggle with it, but I want to push myself and push others to go out and do it. The Gospel notion is beautiful and I really think that the heart of that is true love.