232 S. Broadway St, Green Bay, Wi 54303

Decemberadio - 4.15.11


_Southern Attic Sessions_ EP
DecembeRadio in Concert – April 15, 2011
Cup ‘O Joy, Green Bay, WI

Artist: DecembeRadio
Label: DecembeRadio
Release Date: March 15, 2011
Duration: 5 tracks, 19:19

With spring still a distant thought, some southern spirit helped to thaw the frozen tundra of Green Bay. In the form of DecembeRadio highlighting their new EP, ‘Southern Attic Sessions’ (SAS), warmth was shared in the heat of a great live band.

While their set included hits “Drifter”, “Love Found Me (Love’s Got a Hold)”, and “Satisfy Me” among others, the last half focused on all five of their new EP’s songs. “Deeper Well”, the opener of SAS, may just be DecembeRadio’s answer to using Johnny Cash’s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” in their early concerts. The refrain ‘Lookin’ for the water from a deeper well’ from “Son When You Feel Down” is the guttural plea we all have felt while trying to find meaningful faith when lost. The harmonies and the harp bring up just the right heat. In line with Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Simple Man’, “Son When Your Feel Down” is born of one’s soul and shared with passionate lyrics ‘Take it to the heart now, put your trust in the good Lord Jesus’. “Narrow” is in line with ‘Radio’s signature live performance songs with a soft, fuzzy guitar leading to harmony depicting temptation and direction, this is a hard southern rocker with hot lead guitar and strong rhythm section. Of the two ballads, “Be Strong” and “Where I Wanna Be”, the latter is great radio fodder with piano lead, soul searching lyrics ‘I need to find my place again, the place where my soul feels free, a place where I lose all my troubles, that’s where I wanna be’.

There is a certain quality inherent to great live rock bands. While many perform, few truly have the natural quality to bring an audience to its feet without request or theatrics. There is no denying that DecembeRadio has this quality and continues to be one of the best performing bands touring. With two gifted dueling guitarists, a front man that effortlessly pulls you into the message and excitement, DecembeRadio gives passionate raw emotion straight from their soul. They preserve the history of southern rock and do this with a great Christian message. To see them live is to live their music.


Scott S Mertens