232 S. Broadway St, Green Bay, Wi 54303

Audrey Hatcher

Audrey Hatcher
Cup O Joy Coffeehouse
Green Bay, WI
March 26, 2004
By: Rob Snyder - alphaomeganews.org

HatcherIndependent singer-songwriter Audrey Hatcher brought her music ministry to one of my favorite Christian music venues at the end of March. She has just released her second CD titled "unreleased." "unreleased" features songs that Audrey wrote while on the staff of BMG Songs.

Lyrically, I would favorably compare Audrey to Nicole Nordemann and Sara Groves. Audrey's songs are often inspired by her personal journey and are open and honest. However, her music is more guitar driven.

Watching her 45-minute opening set, Audrey really connected with the audience through her music and stage demeanor. She radiates. The intimate setting of The Cup allows this to happen. For example, after a positive reception to one of her songs she said, "oh, you liked that one" and also carried on some one-to-one conversations that made everyone feel involved. Rather than just giving a perfunctory performance of her songs (as some artists are prone to do), Audrey opened her heart and shared insight into the inspiration behind her songs.

The cheerful "Evidence," the first song Audrey co-wrote with Adam Moritz (who accompanied her on guitar during this performance), reminds all of us how easy it is to take God's glory for granted, even though its "all around me." The ballad "Liars and Thieves" conveys the truth that we are "failures and abusers, selectively deaf and blind, (but) we are coming up clean, washed in the blood" of our Savior. You may soon hear "All My Praise" on radio as it's going to be released by Selah. The song is inspired by Psalm 23 "I will follow you through green pastures. . .even in the shadow of death I will praise you."

"Calling Out," a song about trusting God, means a lot to its writer. Audrey told the Cup audience, "One of God's favorite things to do is to move us outside our comfort zone. And if I fall or fail we can call out as the Lord is already with me."

In the inspiring "Somebody" we hear that "somebody told the sea to stop here at the shore, somebody made me for so much more . . . ." And sometimes Audrey just likes to write a song that encourages her and she hopes others too. She succeeds with "Surrounded," which during this performance was an excellent audience call and respond. "Why should I be discouraged, why should I be afraid, when my God is on my side He lives within me."

HatcherAt the end of her first set, I could only think of one word, "wow." This is a music missionary who deserves a broader audience. You can get Audrey's CD at her namesake web site, www.audreyhatcher.com. You won't regret it. You can also do a favor for those who love listening to Christian music by asking your area Christian radio station to start playing her music.