Cup O Joy Show recap of Shonlock/Loftland Show Mar 2015

Angela B Brown Merry Christmas

Angela B. Brown at the Cup

Cup O Joy History Pics 25 Years 2014

Remedy Drive commodity

Dan Kirk The Juggler with the Yellow Shoes

Bent Grass - Swing Low

Dana Erlandson Bent Grass

Bent Grass - Won't you be mine

Bent Grass 4865

Don at David Pendleton Show 1 4 14

Megan at David Pendleton Show14

Meg Proper: Mary Did You Know

Students perform with Cello Fury

Andy Gullahorn - Line In The Sand

Cup O Joy 2013 Promo

Jill Phillips & Andy Gullahorn, 'The Door'

Jill Phillips & Andy Gullahorn 'Find the Way'

Shaun Groves Welcome Home

Cup O Joy 2008 Lookback Video

Shawn McDonald

Jeanna Bosacki - "Forever Yours"

Coffey Anderson - "All Ye"

Keith Cooper 2013

Cup O Joy Artist Comments 2012

Samestate - Treasures

Samestate - Shadows

Flatfoot 56 - Take Hold Again

Flatfoot 56 Encore Song

Cup O Joy 2012 Artist Comments

Coffey Calls a Fan

Sidewalk Prophets at Cup O Joy:: Keep Making Me

Sidewalk Prophets at Cup O Joy:: Be Strong In the Lord

Shaun Groves about Cup O Joy

Nate Lenz

Bobby Solberg : : He lives in Me

Bobby Solberg : : Doug and Carols Farm

Remedy Drive 2012 :: Tim's Drum Solo

Hear what the Artists say about Cup O Joy

ShawnMcDonald :: Closer

Shawn McDonald :: Faithful :: Cup o' Joy Music Venue

Fairland Bluegrass at Cup O Joy

Jill Phillips & Andy Gullahorn at Cup O Joy

Bob Bennett - A Christmas

Bob Bennett - Cup O Joy - Lord of the Past

The Krause Family

Krause Family-Train Coming Down

Bob Bennett - King of Summer Street

Sidewalk Prophets :: You Love Me Anyway :: LIVE

JJ Heller :: Control :: LIVE

Mitch McVicker

Jim Cole :: Compilation

The Guilty Wanted :: Favoritist

Reilly :: Sunlight :: Cup o Joy

Mike Mangione Endless at Cup O Joy

Jimmy Needham :: Hurricane

Ty & Ida Baumann Say GoodBye 5 2011

Remedy Drive :: Don't Wait :: Cup o Joy

Nate Lenz :: Ekklesia :: Cup o Joy

JJ Heller - Control

JJ Heller - What Love Really Means

JJ Heller - Your Hands

Shawn Mc Donald :: Closer

Shawn McDonald :: Gravity

Sarah Kelly - "How Much you Love me" - Cup O Joy

Mike Mangione - My Hands are stained - Cup O Joy

Justin St. Thomas at Cup O Joy - Lioness

Decemberadio performs "Drifter" at the Cup o Joy in Green Bay

Building 429 at the Cup stage in Green Bay

Building 429 performing Glory Defined - Cup o Joy

Remedy Drive rocks through The Cup

John Waller Plays at The Cup

Cycledown :: Forgive And Forget

Remedy Drive performing Stand Up

John Waller :: Perfect Peace

Mikeschair :: Compilation Video

DECYFER DOWN performs at the Cup

Randy Stonehill :: Compilation Video

Randy Stonehill :: Love Broke Through

Mikeschair :: Can't Take Away

DECYFER DOWN :: I'll Breathe For You

DECYFER DOWN :: Fight Like This

Ginny Owens :: I Love The Way

Ginny Owens :: If You Want Me To

Mike Mangione :: Waiting For No One :: Cup O Joy

Mike Mangione plays at The Cup in Green Bay

Stellar Kart :: Performs at The Cup

Shawn McDonald Performs at the Cup

Shawn McDonald :: My Salvation

John Cox :: Pull You

John Cox Performs at the Cup

Michael Morgan "Baby You Got Class"

Danen Kane "You Came For Me"

Danen Kane "Angel Child"

Danen Kane "To Live By Grace"

Disciple :: After the World

Disciple :: Compilation Video

ApologetiX :: Revelation (live)

The Guilty Wanted